Send a cake with Postkakan


Send a cake to someone you care about

Cakes are a standard part of any Swedish celebration. No birthday parties are necessary in order to meet up and share a piece of cake, even holidays such as Father's Day, Mother's Day, and major life events, are gladly celebrated with a piece of cake amongst good friends. Unfortunately, sharing a cake with someone who lives far away might be difficult - but this is where Postkakan steps in! By using Postkakan, you can send the joy of cake to a well deserving recipient at any time. No matter how far away the person is. We ship to so many places that it would be easier for us to name the countries that we do not ship to rather than listing the countries that we do ship to. All you need to do in order to send a cake is to pick one out from the menu that you feel like the recipient would appreciate the most, write a greeting, select an optional image for the cake and pay. After that, we'll take care of the baking and the printing of the greeting, and we'll make sure the delivery will get to the recipient on time. The cake will be delivered in our special boxes - designed to protect the cake as much as possible- straight through the mailbox. The box will also contain your greeting to the recipient. You can easily decide on your personal greeting during the order placement.