Many people bring buns as a gift when they visit somebody, and if you want to stand out from the crowd, Postkakan can help you to send something special.

If you like the idea of a cake made out of coconut and caramel, then our cake Caramel Coconut is the one for you. With a tasty chocolate bottom combined with caramel truffle, milk chocolate and coconut, this cake is perfect as a gift to give to friends when visiting. It’s a delicious accompaniment to a good cup of coffee.

We have many tasty cakes in our online shop for you to choose from, and you can read all about the different cakes before you decide, without stress. We have everything from Orange truffle to Swedish Nut Cake, the first cake that was sent by mail all the way to the recipient.

The cake can also be sent anywhere in the whole of Europe. With our specially designed parcels, our cakes are sent all the way to the mailbox regardless of whether you need to send a cake to Sweden or other countries.

We already send many things by mail today, so why not send a cake as a gift? It is guaranteed to be much appreciated, and to surprise the recipient. We have many coffee breaks in Sweden and often eat cake with our coffee – that is why we know that our cakes not only taste incredibly good, they also work perfectly as a gift to share during a coffee break at work, to celebrate a holiday, or simply to show someone that you care.

Let go of the hassle and stress, and let us take care of the baking and delivery for you. The only thing you need to do is to fill out the address and decide if you want to send a message on the cake or on a card. We guarantee that your gift will mean something special.