The idea of Postkakan came about in 1998 when the Swedish postal service arranged a national competition. The competition was held to see if anyone could make a cake that could be sent in the mail and be delivered straight to the mailbox.

Bo Sundström decided to take on this challenge and ended up winning with a cake called Postnöt (literally: Mail Nut), the first ever mail order cake. After winning the competition his plan was clear, to allow people from all over the world to order cakes and pastries from this site that will be delivered to their mailbox.

The goal was to make it easy to order a cake directly to someone that you think deserves it. Whether it’s a birthday, a thank you gift or a simple message, we have a suitable cake for the occasion. Our cakes are perfect for all the extra happy days of the year. Why not surprise someone for Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, graduation or Father’s Day?

Postkakan is part of Brath Distanshandel

Postkakan is part of Brath Distanshandel AB, which is a company that develops and runs online shops. We are located in the bakery in Husum, and our head office is located in Örnsköldsvik.

Many variations

The cakes are available in many different variations and are suitable for all taste buds. The classic Mail Nut was the cake that started it all, and it is still one of the most popular choices today. The cake contains, as the name suggests, a lot of nuts with both a base of nuts as well as a layer of honey tosca with almond. To tie it all together, the cake has chocolate covered edges and is filled with rum truffle.

Other variants that we are currently offering are cakes such as Fudge Coconut, Orange Truffle and our own special take on the famous Sacher cake from Vienna.

All the cakes are made to fit into a letterbox and they can handle the journey through the mail system without a problem. Some of our cakes can pretty much be sent around the entire world!

When an order has been placed our cakes and pastries are baked, packaged and delivered from the small bakery in Husum, less than 30 km from Örnsköldsvik. Cakes have been delivered from here to more than 70 countries across the entire world. Tens of thousands of people have been able to experience our amazing mail order cakes.

A personal cake

The next thing that turned the mail order cake into an even better gift was the fact that you could customize them.

As a customer, you always have the option to select an image that will be put on the cake when you place an order. It can be picked out from our picture gallery or it can be one of your own. Apart from this, customers can also send a message with each cake that will be printed out and sent off to the recipient. It doesn’t get more personal than this!