Cakes are some of the most popular gifts to give away when celebrating. If you are looking for a cake as a dessert for Easter dinner, a birthday cake, or something for Mother’s Day, you will find it here at Postkakan. The benefit of buying a cake from us is that you don’t need to visit different bakeries to find the perfect cake. And you and your recipient don’t even need to be in the same city or country.To send a cake by mail is both time-saving and easy.

How does it work to give a cake from Postkakan? All you need to do is chose one of our different cakes, a decoration for the cake and a personal message. Then fill out the order form complete with the recipient’s information. When we receive your order, we will bake your cake, pack it in a box and send it by mail. You don’t need to tell the recipient that a cake is on its way because it will be delivered directly to their mailbox and the person doesn’t have to be home when the cake arrives. That is what we call a surprise!

All our cakes and cookies are baked and packed so that they fit properly in the appropriate post box. The delivery time is 1-3 days depending on what time during the day you place the order, and if it needs to be decorated or not. If you want us to send the cake as a letter, it will reach the recipient at the same time as other mail is delivered in that area.

To give a cake to somebody has never been easier than now. Make someone a bit happier by ordering a cake today!