Hello Postkakan! Here’s a little travel story from a mail order cake’s one-way trip to Roseangela in Saó Domingos, Brazil. Flying this far is cheap, but it takes more than the 20 hours regular passengers need.

Starting from Husum/Örnsköldsvik on a Friday, it headed to Umeå, and then on to Stockholm Arlanda Airport for a couple of days rest in customs. Later the cake was sent abroad on an appropriate plane to Lisbon, and from there over the Atlantic Ocean to Rio de Janeiro. Checked through customs before the Brazilian domestic flight takes over, it then headed toward Fortalesa, about 2700 kilometres north.

After a bumpy bus ride for another 120 to 130 kilometres, the “yummy cake” made it to the village of Caridad, where there was another stopover. The last 30 kilometres to Roseangela and her family were with motorcycle carrier to Saó Domingos.

Even though the cake had a 3-week long trip, it was in excellent condition when it arrived and it was highly appreciated. A comment from Roseangela “If I ever go to Sweden, Postkaka is the only thing I want to eat!”.

Sincere Regards