At Postkakan, we are always prepared to quickly deliver large amounts of mail cakes to events, businesses, and clients. Are you interested?

Contract customer

For businesses interested in regularly using mail cakes to advertise their business, we will gladly help to simplify and make the ordering process more efficient. As a contract customer, you will receive unique opportunities to integrate the sending of mail cakes in your routine business. Businesses as real estate firms, car companies, and conference facilities have already discovered the value of this quick and simple gift of appreciation after closing a deal.

• Real estate agents send a house warming gift to the new homeowner after they move in to their new residence.

• Car companies send congratulations on buying a new car to satisfied new car owners.

• Conference facilities send a gift to businesses after a completed conference.

Bulk orders

The mail order cake is an amazing marketing tool when it comes to attracting new clients and maintaining relationships with old clients. If you are interested in making a larger order of mail cakes for either direct delivery or delivery to one address, do not hesitate to contact us.

With bulk orders, we offer a simplified ordering process via e-mail, and with orders of over 50 mail cakes we can also make an estimated price proposal more exactly based on your demands and wishes.