Having presents and gifts ordered online and sent to a loved one is nothing new. There are multiple businesses which rely on carriers to deliver food, gifts and presents for yourself or someone else. Sweets, such as cookies, cakes and chocolate, are popular to send to friends and loved ones through messengers. The difference between Postkakan and other cake delivery services is that all of our pastries are sent using the Post Office.

Is it really possible to send a pastry or cake straight to your mailbox using the Postal delivery service? The answer is yes. This idea took form as early as in 1998, when the Post Office arranged a contest with this particular theme. In the competition, the goal was to create a cake that could fit through the standard letterbox. Bo Sundström was declared the winner, and his winning entry is still available to order in our shop today.

Just like with any other cake delivery services, the cake will be delivered straight to you or another receiver. So there is no need for you to head out to buy one. The big advantage of using Postkakan is that neither you, nor the recipient, have to be at home at the time of delivery. And you won’t ever need to pick up the cake at a service location. In this way Postkakan is a pleasant surprise for the recipient. The only thing you need to do is to pick out a cake, finalize your order and wait for the cake to appear through yours, or another recipient’s, letter box.

At Postkakan we bake all of our cakes and pastries ourselves, we handle packaging and send them off to the Postal service ourselves. If so desired, you may send a complimentary greeting with your cake, so the recipient knows who the cake is from. Send one of our flavourful cakes today!