Good relationships result in good business. With Postkakan’s business products you can be certain customers will talk about your brand. Below, you can find examples of how we at Postkakan can help you reach new customers, improve existing client relationships and make your events even more memorable.

The Logobite

The Logobite is the perfect enhancement to your event or client meeting. We offer small portion-sized, delicious cakes displaying your business logotype. Bigger orders need to be sent to us through our form or over the phone. Orders up to a thousand pieces can be accommodated with ease at our site.

The Company cake

Whether you want to offer a delicious cake decorated with your business logo or send out specific cookies to clients or co-workers as a thank you, the company cake is the perfect solution. As our client, you can choose amongst our cakes and add your logo in marzipan to just about all of our selections. Read more about our business cakes here.

Bulk orders and contract customers

If you are interested in buying a greater number of cakes or regularly use our products as a marketing alternative, we welcome you to contact us directly. We can then put together a package specialized to your needs.



During our years of operation, sending mail order cakes from our bakery in Husum to clients around the world has shown the marketing value clearly. On our reference page, you can read what our business clients think about the mail order cake, our products, and their marketing value.



The mail order cake as an advertising gift

If you are thinking of celebrating your business or creating a new and unique advertising gift with your logo on it, we have exactly what you are looking for. By tailoring a mail order cake to a business cake, you can market your business at the coffee table, the board meeting, or at a lecture. No opportunity is too big or too small – our cakes are perfect for any type of event.

You choose the logo and we can send it to the recipient, whether they are in Sweden or overseas. You have the opportunity to send a gift that is guaranteed to be noticed and appreciated.

How many times have you heard about advertising gifts or business gifts that are never used and left to be forgotten in a drawer somewhere? Honestly, that is the reality today with many paper mailings and newsletters that no one reads. Our concept is something completely different – sending your personal logo in a way that is different from the normal business pen. It catches the attention and also tastes delicious! You no longer have to worry about no one reading your message, and you will create discussion about the advertisement. Pretty smart thinking according to us at Postkakan.

Our logobites are smaller cookies featuring your business logo and are perfect for fairs or exhibitions to make your clients remember you in particular. They are perfect for events with a lot of people.

Here at Postkakan, we believe marketing should be personalized messages that will be appreciated by the receiver – and that is why our logobites are the perfect advertising gift. The content should be meaningful and that is why we have decided to work in this unique way.

We care about our customers and want you to succeed. We think the winning concept is a mail order cake from us. We are looking forward to creating something unique and appealing and we hope that you see the same opportunities. We started our small bakery with a vision to send messages and joy through delicious cakes.