Lemon cake


A tasty cake with fruity flavours centring around lemon. A shortcrust pastry with a bottom layer of marzipan, with tangerines and raspberries.

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In our assortment of cakes, you’ll find a fruity and delectable cake that we here at Postkakan simply call the Lemon Cake. As the name suggests, the cake is a refreshing lemon cake and is one of our absolute favourites. In the middle of the cake you will find our amazing filling consisting of shortcrust pastry, raspberries and tangerines. The cake is as suitable for a coffee break as it is for a holiday, making it as flexible as can be.

The Lemon Cake combines the flavours of raspberry, lemons and tangerines in a way that creates a refreshing and fruity taste. We recommend this cake to be shipped within Sweden since it is fairly delicate and might not be able to sustain the handling which long distance shipments are sometimes subjected to.

As with all our cakes, you will have the option to include a greeting either by typing a message while placing the order, or uploading an image from your computer. These will be printed on marzipan and put on top of the cake.

The Lemon Cake is especially suitable for sunny summer days on the patio, or with a cup of coffee after dinner. The refreshing and fruity taste energizes the senses during hot days, and it is a welcome addition to afternoon tea. Perhaps you are hosting unexpected guests? In that case we recommend that you have a Lemon Cake in the fridge ready to be served.

There are many occasions in life that require cake, and we are here for you. Place your order today and recieve our cake delivered straight through your mailbox in our custom designed box and you will be ready for those unexpected guests or that special occasion.

We handle the baking, packaging and mailing of the cake, all you have to do is decide on the decoration and we’ll take care of the rest. Enjoy!

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Flour, Sugar, Butter, Almonds, Eggs, Lemon, Lemon Flavour, Tangerines, Raspberry (E202, E330, E440), Baking Powder (E450, E500), Corn Starch

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Approximately 360 grams