Orange Truffle Cake


Am Orange Truffle cake with lovely flavors of milk chocolate, orange and nuts. Does not contain flour as an ingredient but may contain traces of flour.

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Our orange cake is named Orange Truffle and it is easy to find in our selection of cakes. This is a lovely cake with flavours of milk chocolate, orange and nuts. It is suitable for most occasions.

The Orange Truffle combines fresh citrus flavours with chocolate, which makes for a sweet combination. The cake base consists of a mix of nuts and chocolate which makes it not only delicious but also ensures that it stays firm.

On top of the base, there is a generous layer of orange truffle, traditionally made with chocolate, cream and butter. Some orange is added to the truffle, and on top of the truffle we place a thin, short crust pastry consisting of eggs, almond paste and butter.

We then cover the cake with high quality chocolate in order to bring out a distinct, chocolaty taste. Due to the generous amounts of chocolate, this cake is not suitable for shipping to hot and tropical countries since there is a risk of it melting. However, in Sweden and in the rest of Europe it is a great success.

When you place your order, you can choose to include a message without any additional cost. The cake will be completed by placing your own image or words on top of it. Chocolate lovers will love this cake, and we recommend that you try it at your next party. We will handle the packaging and delivery – all you need to do is place an order.

It’s incredibly convenient to have a cake delivered to your letter box without having to visit the shops or the bakery. We know that this is much appreciated in today’s society. We order groceries and many other things online – so why not cakes as well? Try our services at Postkakan – you’ll be happy you did once you’ve taken a bite and tasted the wonderful fusion of marzipan, truffle, chocolate and orange.

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Sugar, Hazelnuts, Almond, Butter, Boiled cream, Eggs, Milk chocolate, Cocoa, Glycose, Vegetable fat (partially hydrogenated, no trans fats) (E476, E492), Vanillin, Alcohol, Aroma, Food colouring (E102, E202, E325, E420, E422).

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