Swedish Nut Cake


The original winning cake from the Bakery Association and Post Office contest. The original cake is deliciously flavoured with chocolate, almonds and rum.

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About Swedish Nut Cake

The Swedish Nut Cake starts with a lovingly baked chocolate bottom layer. On top of the chocolate we place a delicious rum truffle which gives the entire cake a proper kick.

A thin nut crust is then placed on top of the truffle before we top the cake off with delectable honey tosca covered in a rich amount of almonds.

Together, the chocolate, rum truffle and nuts create a flavour sensation with an intense and pleasant aftertaste that leaves you craving for more.

Swedish Nut Cake was the first cake we created with the purpose of making a cake suitable for being shipped in a regular box and delivered by the mailman to regular mailboxes. It was for a competition held by the Bakery Association together with the Swedish Post Office. Our contribution won the entire contest, and the Postkakan company was born.

Swedish Nut Cake is by far our most sold cake, and we are happy to continue baking it for our customers all over the world.

When you order a Swedish Nut Cake cake, you can choose to include a free greeting card that will be sent in the box together with the cake. As with our other cakes, you can complement your order with a printed marzipan image which will decorate the cake and make it even more personalized.

Can be shipped Worldwide

The Swedish Nut Cake is our most durable cake with regard to transportation, and can easily be shipped to all countries we deliver to.

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Table of contents

Sugar, Boiled cream, Butter, Eggs, Flour, Almonds, Hazel nuts, Vegetable Fats (part saturated, no trans fats), Milk, Chocolate, Honey, Rum, Alcohol, Baking Powder (E450, E500), Corn Starch, Pectin, Click here to print ingredients.

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