Bluegarden AB

Postkakan has delivered the logobite to our customers many times. It is a much appreciated little pastry that is both delicious and unique. The logobite provides the extra little touch that makes our customers feel special.

Agneta Harrysson

Account Manager/Service Level Manager


Bolagspoolen AB

Surprises make our clients happy. That is why we let Postkakan deliver cakes for their coffee breaks.

Henrik Bengtsson


Iscar Sverige AB

We have used Postkakan for many years as a tool in our customer care. This genius and simple idea is always appreciated by the receiver. When we discovered the alternative logobite a few years ago, it was an option to offer our clients coffee and cake at client events etc. The logobite is so popular that we always have to make sure we have a stock in the freezer for quick delivery. Clients are always very impressed when we offer cakes with our logotype. It strengthens both our brand as well as client relationship!

Annika Peterson
Market coordinator



The best thing about Postkakan’s mail order cake is that it creates goodwill among more people than just the one you closely deal with. When the delicious mail order cake is on the table, everyone sees your business logo and this creates positive associations with your business.

Stefan Chinell