Give away a nice love gift to your partner! Edible gifts are often safe cards that are appreciated by most people. Cakes are festive and fit as both dessert or together with a cup of coffee. Whether you are celebrating a holiday, birthday or just want to show your appreciation to someone, Postkakan is an excellent alternative.

Love is something that always can be celebrated. If you and your partner are celebrating your wedding day, an anniversary or an engagement, then surprise your partner with a lovely taste experience that both of you can enjoy! At Postkakan you can chose between many different types of cakes. Our taste combinations consist of, for example, orange truffel, coconut and toffee and chocolate, and almond and rum. By chosing a picture made in marzipan you can make the cake a bit more special. We have many love symbols to choose from, but you can also upload your own picture – for example a nice photo of you as a couple – to cover the cake with. If you want you can also send a message to the recipient without any extra cost.

To send love gifts with Postkakan is both simple and uncomplicated. All you need to do is to choose your cake, decide if you want a decoration, and make the order. After that we will bake your cake, pack it and send it directly to the recipient by mail. In this way, you don’t need to run around to different bakeries to search for the perfect cake, and you can also honour your loved one even if you are in different cities, or even different countries.

Whether you and your partner are celebrating something special or if you just want to show your love in general, a cake from Postkakan is an excellent choice as a love gift!