If someone that you’re close to has a birthday coming up, you are probably trying to think of a good present. A cake or pastry is often a very appreciated gift and suitable for almost anyone – especially when it comes to birthday celebrations. With Postkakan, it is easier than ever to give someone a cake for a present. You don’t have to worry about going in to town to find one, and Postkakan also makes it ten times easier to send a birthday present if the person lives in a different city.

It’s neither time consuming nor complicated to send a cake to someone that you love for their birthday. With Postkakan, all you have to do is pick out a cake and place an order. We will bake the cake, wrap it up and send it to the address of your choice. What makes Postkakan special is also the fact that the cake is sent via the post, which means that it will end up directly in their letterbox. All the cakes are shaped to fit into a letterbox, so the person does not need to be at home when the cake is delivered. This also means that no one has to pick it up anywhere. Instead, it will arrive straight to their house and they will get home to a very nice and delicious present.

Among our cakes you will find several different and interesting flavour combinations. How do you feel about Orange Truffle, Sacher cake, Fudge Coconut, or Lemon cake? You can also add a decoration on your cake that will make it even more personal. You can choose between one of our pictures, or you can upload your own that we will use when decorating the cake. These decorations are made of marzipan. You can also choose to add a personal message, completely free of charge.

Birthdays and cakes go together. It’s simply the perfect match for many people. With Postkakan, it is both simple and convenient to give someone a cake for their birthday or other celebration. Make someone happy and send them a delicious taste experience!