Are you looking for a gift for someone close? With a gift you can show your appreciation for someone that you care about. Candy and sweets are always popular gifts, whether you give it during a holiday, for someones birthday or to celebrate something else. At Postkakan you will find different cakes that are perfect to give, for example, as a Father’s Day gift.

Do you feel that you don’t have time or can’t go out to buy a Father’s Day cake for your father? Or maybe you live in different cities, and that makes it difficult to give him a gift? In this case sending a gift in the mail is an easy solution. At Postkakan you only need to choose your cake and place your order – the rest of the work is ours. The cake will be baked and packed by us, and then we send it directly to the recievers address. The cake will end up in your father’s mailbox.

At Postkakan there are many different cakes to choose from for different occasions. For example, we have truffle cakes, cakes with the flavour of orange or coconut and the classic Sacher cake. All cakes are made to fit in the recievers mailbox. To make your cake extra special you can also choose to decorate it with a photo in marzipan. You can choose from our pictures, or upload your own. You can also choose to add a personal message that will be sent with the cake.

With help by Postkakan you don’t need to be in the same city, or in the same country, to celebrate your father on Father’s Day. Postkakan makes it easier for you, and at the same time your father gets the appreciation that he deserves on Father’s Day!